Mahurangi Magazine - Bugger evidence-based policy making – buy a kombi

As a fierce advocate for youth involvement, Tessa Berger persuaded Mahurangi College to sign up for Kids Voting for the first time, just ahead of the cut-off for this year’s elections. Back where she spent her intermediate years, on Wednesday, Tessa appealed to students to communicate their ideas for their community.

The snowballing of publicity that followed the missing billboards story broken by the Rodney Times, on 4 September, resulted in Tessa Berger receiving a rapturous reception at Mahurangi College on Wednesday, by students signed up for Kids Voting. Tessa had earlier initiated the last-minute enrolment of the college in the programme, as part of her commitment to Rodney having ‘the most Kids-Voting-ly schools’ in the Auckland region, within her first term of office. This is a passion she shares with the current excellent Rodney Local Board chair—Brenda Steele, who holds the youth portfolio.

Tessa Berger’s shoestring campaign has already done more to energise the local-body elections, and Kids Voting, than the costly council Kombi is ever likely to, but that is because it is evidence-based.

Tessa Berger